New strategies for propagating elite plant material

prof. dr. Geelen Danny

prof. dr. ir. Boeckx Pascal

Improving carbon storage in the central Congo basin with a major forest inventory

The Congo basin is largely understudied in relation to the Amazon. Within the COBIMFO project we recently produced the first detailed biomass carbon stock inventory. Our 21 ha study sites are located in the Yangambi Man and Biosphere reserve. The key message was that tree height in the central Congo basin is lower compared to the eastern or western boarders, resulting in a 25% lower carbon stock. The quality of our data has been recognized by the California Institute of Technology and WWF-Germany. This team will carry out LIDAR remote sensing flights over our sites in June 2014 to calibrate remote sensing data, which can than be used in a basin-wide forest inventory.

The obtained data are essential to start the climate change mitigation program (UN-REDD) in the Congo Basin. UN-REDD = United Nations Collaborative Program on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (UNFCCC, CoP Warsaw, 2013).