Influence of stress factors in space on the immune system

Prof. Dr. Sarah Baatout

prof. dr. ir. Van Meirvenne Marc

Unraveling the mysteries of Stonehenge

The standing stones of the circular monument of Stonehenge (UK) are an enigmatic testimony of past activities. But this monument is only one of the many ancient remains within the area. Therefore, besides the monument, UNESCO has protected the entire surrounding landscape of 2500 ha as World Heritage Site. Any soil disturbances, such as digging, are strictly prohibited and any research activity must receive permission of both the National Trust and the English Heritage. On an exceptional basis, we were invited to use our non-invasive soil sensing technology to investigate the site and to detect ancient traces of human activity.

Our non-invasive soil sensing techniques open new possibilities in providing answers to the growing challenges for sustainable cultural heritage management and use.