Via innovatief netwerken komen tot Vlaamse hennepteelt

Prof. Dr. Ir. Xavier Gellynck

prof. dr. ir. Van Labeke Marie-Christine

The success achieved in improving the quality of the azalea has been applied to enhance our understanding of flowering and flower quality in other ornamental plants

Azalea is the most important flowering pot plant in Flanders (Be) and exported throughout Europe. Changed cultural techniques and the introduction of new varieties during the last decade had its impact on flowering quality of some varieties which caused concern at production level. Flower physiology, with emphasis on the phases of differentiation, flower bud dormancy and ABA sensitivity, cold storage, forcing and source-sink balances was investigated. We also determined the effect of external factors on flowering quality such as cold storage and supplementary light. The developed methodology can be applied to enhance understanding of flowering and flower quality in other woody ornamentals.