Successful simulation of the cow’s digestive process has allowed us to undertake extensive research and analysis without the difficulties of looking after and caring for living animals.

prof. dr. ir. Fievez Veerle

prof. dr. ir. Buysse Jeroen

Solutions to the stinking problem of manure surpluses in areas of highly concentrated livestock production in Europe

Manure processing is an end-of-pipe technology that helps to solve the problem of manure surpluses in the concentrated livestock production sector in certain European regions. These regions have a strong need for manure processing as they are faced with  high amounts of manure that cannot be spread on the land or transported to other regions. A tool has been developed and applied to predict the demand for manure processing in light of tightening fertilisation standards.

The method is used by private investors to decide upon the capacity or location of manure processing facilities, as well as by lobbyists and policy makers to select the most efficient set of fertilisation standards.