Probioticia kunnen voortplanting bij hommels verbeteren

Prof. Dr. Ir. Guy Smagghe

prof. dr. ir. Van Meirvenne Marc

ORBit is UGent’s Research Group on Soil Spatial Inventory techniques. It studies soil sensing techniques and related sampling and data processing

The Research Group on Soil Spatial Inventory Techniques (ORBit)  studies the development and implementation of mobile non-invasive proximal soil sensing techniques and related sampling and data-processing. The soil sensors used are: multi-receiver electromagnetic induction, ground penetrating radar, and magnetometry. Advanced Geographical Information System-processing is based on geostatistical and signal-processing principles and includes interpolation, filtering and profile inversion. Applications can be found in detailed soil mapping, precision agriculture, land evaluation, paleogeomorfology, environmental soil monitoring, landfill mining, archaeology, and the scanning of former conflict zones.

Methods allow for rapid, non-destructive  prospection of land for a range of natural soil properties and buried anthropogenic features and objects.