Landbouwstudiedag 2015

Voor bedrijfsleiders en beleidsmakers

prof. dr. ir. Thas Olivier

Improving risk assessments to identify the right radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer and the best mitigation of the side effects of radiation

We develop validated clinical models incorporating biomarker data to identify before treatment those cancer patients who are at risk of developing long-term side-effects from radiotherapy. Additionally, we identify the best interventions for reducing the side-effects and we design interventional trials aimed at improving the quality-of-life of cancer survivors who underwent radiotherapy. Biostaticians are involved in the development and application of statistical methods for the validation of the models and biomarkers. One of the major issues is the presence of missing data and how this affects the model selection and validation process.

A good risk assessment is crucial for deciding upon the correction radiation treatment for the treatment of cancer.