Breeding germplasm and varieties of new grasses with improved forage quality for extreme weather conditions

prof. dr. ir. Reheul Dirk

Prof. dr. ir. Demeestere Kristof

High-resolution mass spectrometry for screening and quantification of organic trace compounds in ecosystems

Bioactive organic trace compounds are crucial in ecosystems. For example organic micropollutants (such as residues of pharmaceuticals and personal care products) impact the aquatic environment and hormonal compounds regulate plant and animal systems. Using magnetic sector and Orbitrap  high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), trace quantification and screening of known and unknown chemicals is possible. Research is focusing on the fundamentals of this innovative tool and on its use in environmental, biological and technological sciences and applications. For service analysis or research collaborations, the platform ( was established.

The HRMS based analytical platform offers possibilities to increase knowledge and applications for stakeholders (eco/agrosector, industry, policy) with an interest in the role and effects of (un)known organic trace compounds in environmental, biological and technological systems.