Award-winning ideas for reducing methane emissions from wastewater treatment

prof. dr. ir. Volcke Eveline

prof. dr. ir. Fievez Veerle

Cellulose from plant food is fermented in the cow’s stomach for digestion, but damages other high quality nutrients. We are improving the production of rumen bypass products.

Although rumen microbes provide ruminants with the unique ability to utilize structural carbohydrates (fibres) and non-protein-nitrogen, they also degrade high-quality nutrients such as essential amino acids , vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids (such as omega-3 fatty acids). Accordingly, rumen bypass products have been developed and are commercially available. Our focus is on optimizing the technology to produce these rumen bypass products as current methods show serious short-comings, related to protection efficacy, use of noxious substances and/or limitations of processing which hampers commercialization on a larger scale. For companies that have an interest in this technology, appropriate tests are developed and executed.

Rumen bypass products are meant to protect nutrients of high nutritive value against microbial degradation in the rumen: they guarantee a better transfer of high-value nutrients.