Development of smallholder dairy farming in the Tigray Region of Northern Ethiopia

prof. dr. ir. Fievez Veerle

prof. dr. ir. Stevens Christian

After extended library testing by the UGent oncology lab, new non-toxic chemicals are providing positive initial results for combating breast cancer

From an extended library test on breast cancer by the UGent laboratory of oncology, the chalcone scaffold was selected and a QSAR model has been developed. The activity of chalcones was predicted in silico and the most active compounds were synthesized later on. Using this feedback model, very active chalcones were developed and tested in vitro and in vivo. Two compounds were selected to be carried further in the testing. The compounds prove very promising and further testing is performed on ADME properties. Up to now, it seems that the compounds act through a new mechanism of action and have anti-invasive features for a very malignant breast cancer cell line.

Breast cancer is still today one of the major causes of death for women. Up to now, invasion of breast cancer cannot be prevented and causes metastasis. The compounds prove interesting and are non-toxic. The first in vivo experiments are positive and are developed further.