Solutions to the stinking problem of manure surpluses in areas of highly concentrated livestock production in Europe

prof. dr. ir. Buysse Jeroen


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

What we do

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering educates generations of scientists in leading edge research and high impact work with governments and communities, industry and NGOs, to support innovation and sustainability in life sciences while managing and protecting natural and man-made ecosystems.  


The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (FBE) within Ghent  University is a European research leader in the field of applied biological and life sciences or bioengineering.
The FBE's academics and researchers harness basic research to tackle global challenges and develop innovative and sustainable responses in areas such as natural resource management, food production, health, waste transformation and climate change.  The  Faculty of Bioscience Engineering is a global academic force for sustainability.

100 professors drive research across the Faculty's departments. FBE has a whole-system approach with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary working.  FBE has more than 1,000 academic staff and postgraduates who together write over 600 peer-reviewed original pieces of research annually. The faculty ranks in the top five of the life sciences organizations in Europe.

FBE research is innovative, progressive and socially relevant, with an outstanding reputation and a high level, international award-winning record.  There is a strong emphasis on business collaboration. FBE collaborates internationally through five industrial consortia and over 300 companies.

With a particular commitment to international education, FBE has set up the International Training Centre that coordinates a wide range of high standard international graduate programs, workshops, short training initiatives, and tailor-made solutions for organizations and companies.